Meera Sodha Zesty Tofu Delight

Meera Sodha. First things first, get your tofu ready. Press out that extra water with some kitchen paper, then chop it into neat little cubes. Toss them in cornflour until they’re coated and set them aside.

Pan Action (15 min)

Heat up a nonstick frying pan and drop in those lime halves, cut-side down. Let them sizzle and fry until they get a bit blackened, about three minutes. Set those aside on a plate. Now, it’s tofu time! Throw in some oil in the same pan, toss in the tofu cubes in a single layer, and let them crisp up to a lovely golden brown. It’ll take about six minutes or so for that magic to happen. Once they’re all crispy, move them onto the plate with the lime.

The Flavor Show (15 min)

More oil in the pan and in go the onions. Cook those until they’re soft and starting to get a bit of color, then toss in the garlic and spring onions. Give it a good stir for a couple of minutes. Now, here’s where the flavors really start to party: mushroom stir-fry sauce, soy sauce, sugar, and that glorious black pepper join the mix.

Bringing it Together (5 min)

Time to reunite the tofu crew with that flavor explosion in the pan. Squeeze in the juice from one of those fried lime halves, stir it all up until the sauce coats the tofu like a tasty glaze, and let it bubble away for a bit. Take it off the heat when it’s all nicely coated.

Salad Sizzle (5 min)

Throw together the salad bits – red onion, lettuce, cherry tomatoes – in a bowl. Add some oil and the juice from another lime half. Mix it up well, then spread it out on a big platter. Now, nestle those flavorful tofu cubes among the salad leaves.

Final Touch (5 min)

Slice up the remaining lime halves into wedges for an extra zing at the table. Serve your zesty tofu creation with a bowl of jasmine rice on the side. Squeeze that lime over your tofu for an extra pop of flavor!

Meera Sodha’s recipe isn’t just about cooking; it’s about creating something vibrant and exciting. With that zingy lime and punchy pepper, this dish is a flavor fiesta that’s quick to make and a true treat for your taste buds.